INCOMPLETE is a captivating story of one woman's desire to make her family complete through love desire and deception. INCOMPLETE is a story of trust, of betrayal, and the fine line that divides the two when secrets are hidden between husband and wife, and perception is shared with a stranger.A high energy Romantic Drama with an Emotional Roller Coaster of Ride!


Ciara Charles is a carefree young woman who constantly finds herself jobless and in foolish predicaments through her neglectful antics. Ciara lives with her best friend Juelz, a flamboyant openly gay man, who works in the mail department of BRINKLEY FINANCIAL, a mogul marketing firm. After being fired from her fourth job in just a month, Ciara finds herself in a pickle when she is selected as BRINKLY FINANCIAL’S “Employee of the Year”. What’s the pickle? She’s not an Employee!

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Synergy Cornerstone Entertainment Group, LLC is an independent motion picture and entertainment Production Company established in 2008, solely founded to develop and produce unforgettable stories with passionate and resilient characters. SCE is the creative domain to writer-director Charles Farmer Jr. and writer-producer Calisa C. Farmer, a multiple talented husband and wife filmmaking team. Together they aspire to create a body of film work without compromising their own creativity.